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California law SB 138 allows individuals insured under another person's health plan policy (like a parent or spouse) to submit a Confidential Communication Request (CCR) to their health plan if they need or want to keep information about the health care services they receive while using their insurance confidential. (Learn more in our FAQs.)

SB 138 requires all health plans to honor and implement this request. If you need help submitting a CCR to your health plan, have questions about the process, or would like to report a health plan for not complying with SB 138, please complete and submit the form below.


You will receive a response within 3 business days. If you are having an emergency and need immediate help, call 911. If you need help with your health plan and/or want to submit a complaint, call the Department of Managed Health Care at 1.888.466.2219.